Laila’s Soft Screaming: A Discourse Analysis of Cyber-Feminist Resistance on the Egyptian Women Blogsphere

A Research Paper submitted by:
Dr. Mohamed Hossam Ismail

Faculty of Mass Communication
Ajman University

Laila’s Soft Screaming

Extracted from AIESEC website:

Please allow me to officially invite you to the first celebration of international women's day through AIESEC on AUC's new campus on Monday the 8th of March in Bassily Hall from 6 30 PM to 9 30.

International Women's Day (8 March) is a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future.


AIESEC AUC is proud to be hosting the celebration of such a significant event on Monday the 8th of March in New Cairo on AUC Campus in Bassily Hall.


The event will first allow speakers from different NGOs to address different issues that women face in the Egyptian society. Followed is Ms. Mona Arishi the founder of L'EVE Institute ( giving a session about the rich and versified feminine entity by focusing on the three planes and dimensions; Mind, Body, and Soul.
We will end the event with the play "kolna Laila":

كلنا ليلى

كلنا ليلى هي مبادره ليوم من أجل المرأه المضطهدة في المنطقة العربية. يقوم في هذا اليوم كتاب المدونات بنشر تدوينات تحت راية يوم كلنا ليلى لطرح ومناقشة المشكلات التي تواجهها المرأة في المجتمعات العربية. بدأت فكرة كلنا ليلى عن طريق مجموعة من كاتبات المدونات المصريات على رأسهم مدونة لست أدري، بنت مصرية، شيماء، أرابيسك، أبيتاف وأخريات. وبالرغم من أن بداية كلنا ليلى كانت من مجموعة من المدونات المصرية فإن القائمين على الإعداد ليوم كلنا ليلى يؤكدون أن يوم ليلى موجه للمرأة العربية عموما وليست المصرية فقط

مسرحية كلنا ليلى هي مبادرة من الفريق المسرحي بالجزويت المنيا و منظمة

Care International

تحت مشروع سلام و أمان. تهدف المسرحية لتسليط الضوء على العنف المنزلي ضد المرأة

This is an open event for everyone within and outside the AUC community, please feel free to bring your friends and spread the word.

We are pleased to announce that the New Woman Foundation will hold an open seminar to provide a critical reading and discussion of the contributing blog posts in Kolena Laila Campaign.

Having participated with us for the first time this year during Kolena Laila fourth Campaign, which lasted throughout the last week of 2009, and under this partnership, the Foundation invited people through its website to blog about a number of women's issues and other specific issues that concern women's status and the forms of discrimination they face, in addition to monitoring the reality of women within the dominant culture.

So the New Woman Foundation is pleased to invite you to attend the open seminar next Tuesday on 9th of February at 6:00pm.

What: Kolena Laila Open Discussion

When: Tuesday 9th of February, 06:00 pm

Where: New Woman Foundation Headquarter – 14 Aabdel Moniem Sanad St, off Ibn Aal Rasheed – Ahmed Orabi, El Mohandessein

For more details visit the event's page on Facebook.

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مصنف تحت : 2009,Multimedia ,

By: Lara Zankoul

My participation to Kolena Laila focuses on the double social pressure that every woman in our surroundings is faced with at some point in her life. Should she focus on her career and be a successful money-maker in a world where wealth is measured in cash? Or should she make herself pretty, find a husband and raise children? In most cases, women end up having to juggle between both aspects, making it an almost impossible mission.

Written by: Sara El-Awaisi
Master student in Islamicjerusalem Studies, United Kingdom

“I feel liberated!”; a comment made by British women on a TV programme. You would assume that women feel liberated when they break the chains they are born into, or the day women gain their independence or even the day they can fight for their rights and actually accomplish them. Yet this was a comment made by a woman who at the end of the programme ‘How to look good naked’ on channel 4 was happy to have a naked photo shoot. Unhappy at first with their bodies as we are all at some point in our life, Gok Wan, the fashion stylist of the programme is able to transform these women in his inspirational fashion series that shows women how to look fantastic with their clothes on or off no matter what their body shape is and without the need for surgery.

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